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[y/N]: n It appears that the order of the REPOS_DIR setting in overrides the priority in this case.

Here's debug output solver: cannot find provide for requirement: lib Open 0 The following 18 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: zabbix22-proxy: 2.2.9 [Local] iksemel: 1.4_6 [Free BSD] gnutls: 3.3.15 [Free BSD] trousers-tddl: 0.3.10_7 [Free BSD] p11-kit: 0.23.1 [Free BSD] libtasn1: 4.5_1 [Free BSD] indexinfo: 0.2.3 [Free BSD] ca_root_nss: 3.19.1_1 [Free BSD] libffi: 3.2.1 [Free BSD] nettle: 2.7.1 [Free BSD] gmp: 5.1.3_2 [Free BSD] libidn: 1.29 [Free BSD] gettext-runtime: 0.19.4 [Free BSD] fping: 3.10 [Free BSD] net-snmp: 5.7.3_7 [Free BSD] perl5: 5.20.2_4 [Free BSD] curl: 7.42.1 [Free BSD] unix ODBC: 2.3.2_1 [Free BSD] no concurrent processes found, cleanup the lock The following 26 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: zabbix22-proxy: 2.2.9 [Local] libxml2: 2.9.2_2 [Local] iksemel: 1.4_6 [Local] gnutls: 3.3.15 [Local] trousers-tddl: 0.3.10_7 [Local] p11-kit: 0.23.1 [Local] libtasn1: 4.5_1 [Local] indexinfo: 0.2.3 [Local] ca_root_nss: 3.19.1_1 [Local] libffi: 3.2.1 [Local] nettle: 2.7.1 [Local] gmp: 5.1.3_2 [Local] libidn: 1.29 [Local] gettext-runtime: 0.19.4 [Local] openipmi: 2.0.19_4 [Local] popt: 1.16_1 [Local] sudo: 1.8.13 [Local] nmap: 6.47 [Local] pcre: 8.37_1 [Local] libssh2: 1.4.3_5,2 [Local] fping: 3.10 [Local] net-snmp: 5.7.3_7 [Local] perl5: 5.20.2_4 [Local] curl: 7.42.1 [Local] unix ODBC: 2.3.2_1 [Local] sqlite3: [Local] Version : 1.5.3 PKG_DBDIR = "/var/db/pkg"; PKG_CACHEDIR = "/var/cache/pkg"; PORTSDIR = "/usr/ports"; INDEXDIR = ""; INDEXFILE = "INDEX-10"; HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS = false; DEFAULT_ALWAYS_YES = false; ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES = false; REPOS_DIR [ "/etc/pkg/", "/usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/", ] PLIST_KEYWORDS_DIR = ""; SYSLOG = true; ABI = "Free BSD:10:amd64"; ALTABI = "freebsd:10:x"; DEVELOPER_MODE = false; VULNXML_SITE = " FETCH_RETRY = 3; PKG_PLUGINS_DIR = "/usr/local/lib/pkg/"; PKG_ENABLE_PLUGINS = true; PLUGINS [ ] DEBUG_SCRIPTS = false; PLUGINS_CONF_DIR = "/usr/local/etc/pkg/"; PERMISSIVE = false; REPO_AUTOUPDATE = true; NAMESERVER = ""; EVENT_PIPE = ""; FETCH_TIMEOUT = 30; UNSET_TIMESTAMP = false; SSH_RESTRICT_DIR = ""; PKG_ENV PKG_SSH_ARGS = ""; DEBUG_LEVEL = 0; ALIAS CUDF_SOLVER = ""; SAT_SOLVER = ""; RUN_SCRIPTS = true; CASE_SENSITIVE_MATCH = false; LOCK_WAIT = 1; LOCK_RETRIES = 5; SQLITE_PROFILE = false; WORKERS_COUNT = 0; READ_LOCK = false; PLIST_ACCEPT_DIRECTORIES = false; IP_VERSION = 0; AUTOMERGE = true; VERSION_SOURCE = ""; CONSERVATIVE_UPGRADE = true; PKG_CREATE_VERBOSE = false; Repositories: Free BSD: Local: Updating` Free BSD repository catalogue...

[[email protected]] ~# pkg update Updating local repository catalogue...

pkg upgrade updating repository catalogue no valid repository found-18

You might find the official wiki page interesting reading if you haven’t seen it already, pkgng – Free BSD Wiki.We have a local pkg repo that contains a copy of all packages and the various upper-level files from The following 2 packages will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: clang33: 3.3_9 [itadmin] llvm33: 3.3_10 [Free BSD] The process will require 155 Mi B more space. Once I change the order of the directories to look at /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/ first, all packages are found in the higher priority repo. Free BSD.org/Free BSD:10:amd64/latest/ I have defined this repo to have a priority of 9 and stored the definition for this repo in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/. I think I see the same issue, but I end up having installed broken package. Checking for upgrades (52 candidates): 100% Processing candidates (52 candidates): 100% The following 17 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked): Installed packages to be DOWNGRADED: nettle: 3.2 - 1.13_1 [Free BSD] Installed packages to be REINSTALLED: xvid-1.3.4,1 [Free BSD] x265-1.8 [Free BSD] nginx-1.8.1,2 [poudriere] mpv-0.15.0,1 [poudriere] (needed shared library changed) libx264-0.144.2533_1 [Free BSD] libdvdread-5.0.3 [Free BSD] lame-3.99.5_3 [poudriere] jsoncpp-0.6.0.r2_2 [Free BSD] ffmpeg-2.8.6,1 [poudriere] curl-7.47.0 [Free BSD] cmake-3.4.2 [poudriere] (needed shared library changed) The operation will free 1 Mi B. Free BSD has been long due a better package management system, pkg_add, pkg_info, etc just doesn’t cut it any more.For a long time GNU/linux users have always used this as a reason not to use Free BSD and instead favour some GNU/linux combination with an all encompassing easy to use package manager, such as Debian’s apt-get.

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OPCVA is available to all Police Officers and police service employees in Ontario. If you do not know your OPC student number, please contact your service training branch.